Image transformational Coaching

Do you go into your closet and don’t know what to wear? Do you have clothing in your closet that is from another decade? Has your lifestyle changed and you need an update? Are you not sure what pieces go together?

Well, we have a solution for you: Frox is now offering Image transformation coaching! 

How does it work?

Meet 1:1 with an image transformation coach from Frox to talk and collaborate on the style, colors, and shapes that work best with your body type.

Choose clothing pieces from the Frox online store that will add to your curated wardrobe.

We will address any needs or questions you may have and work on some mindset work as well.

Something that has never been done before... We will enter into your closet and help you purge what you need and what you don’t need!

Remember you don’t need a lot of clothes just the right ones.

Now the fun begins you will choose the key pieces you will need.

And to make that possible you will receive a $500.00 Gift Card to Frox that can be used at anytime and will never expire. To complete your look we will give you a FREE accessory valued at $50.00

. . . 

What's included?


- 1:1 consulting valued at $250.00
- Frox gift certificate valued at $500.00
- An accessory that will be chosen from our amazing collections valued at $50.00

You can book an appointment day or night and weekends. Just choose the consultant that fits your schedule. We look forward to helping you with all your wardrobe needs.

Need more time?

Schedule an additional hour with an image transformation coach.

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